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Tasting Krousso’s olive oil properly

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Tasting Krousso's olive oil properly

Tasting Krousso’s olive oil properly

What does a good olive oil actually taste like?

Most people will not really be able to define the pure taste of olive oil, because, admittedly, olive oil is not usually enjoyed pure.


Here are a few steps how you can easily test our Kroussos olive oil at home.

  1. Take a shot glass and fill it 1 to 2 finger widths with our olive oil.
  2. Now take the jar in your hand and hold it all the way around to warm it up a bit. Cover it with the other hand at the same time. (1-2 minutes)

In this way, you warm the olive oil so that its aromas can develop better.

  1. Now you can do the olfactory test.
    Simply put your nose very close to the jar and breathe in the scent of the olive oil.

Our olive oil has a fruity, grassy aroma.

  1. Next comes the taste test.
    Take a good sip of the olive oil and let it circulate a little in your mouth before swallowing.


Our Kroussos olive oil tastes fruity and is characterized by a mild pungency, which leads to a slight scratchy throat in the finish.


Attention: A scratchy throat is always a sign of a high-quality olive oil.


Overall, our Kroussos olive oil is very balanced in its taste and therefore goes perfectly with any dish.

Try it out and tell us about your tastings. We are looking forward to your opinions!


Michaela & Michalis

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